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Tiecoon.com - Bar Mitzvah Ties

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A bar mitzvah is an important occasion in a Jewish boy’s life and bar mitzvah ties are a way for him to mark this special occasion in style.

A bar mitzvah marks a Jewish boy’s coming of age, the time when he traditionally “becomes a man” and has the same rights as a fully-grown man (within the Jewish faith). Following this ceremony, the boy is regarded as responsible for his own actions and decisions, both ethically and morally.

The ceremony usually takes place when the boy becomes 13 years old. During the bar mitzvah, there is a religious ceremony which is a formal occasion requiring the boy to wear bar mitzvah neckties. There’s a lot of preparation involved and a lot of study required on the part of the boy. He must learn and lead the group in specific prayers, memorizing and reciting special portions of the Torah, giving a speech about the Torah and other special ceremonies.

Afterwards, when the ceremony is complete, there is a celebration where the boy will dress up and wear bar mitzvah neck ties. This chance to dress up formally is important in marking the boys progression into a man and what better way to become a “man” than to wear a tie, special bar mitzvah ties.

Bar mitzvah ties can be a regular tie simply selected for the occasion by the boy or his parents. It may simply be a tie that goes well with his suit. It can be a striped tie, solid color tie, or in some instances a bar mitzvah boy has even chose novelty tie (like we said, it’s a celebration and a time for fun).

But some companies have begun making special bar mitzvah ties to mark the occasion, ties that have a special meaning or special connection to the ceremony. Some of the most common special bar mitzvah ties have Jewish symbols on them: the Star of David, the Tree Of Life, the Torah or symbols of the Tallith neckwear that the bar mitzvah boy is required to wear.

But lately, bar mitzvah ties have begun to be personalized with symbols and images that are specifically designed with the particular bar mitzvah boy in mind. Often, the bar mitzvah boy’s name is written on bar mitzvah ties in Hebrew letters. Other times, the name is written in English with Jewish symbols. On those occasions when the bar mitzvah boy gets to choose the theme of his party afterwards (sports, music, etc.), he may select bar mitzvah ties that reflect that theme.

Tiecoon.com supplies bar mitzvah ties, either regular ties or specialty ties. We are a company that can create one-of-a-kind bar mitzvah ties that specifically reflect the occasion with special images or words. Tiecoon.com is a company that can supply you with discount ties, wholesale ties, and cheap tie prices for your custom ties.

A bar mitzvah is a very special occasion in a Jewish boys life. And to mark that occasion, special details are included in the ceremony and celebration, including special bar mitzvah ties. Special bar mitzvah ties can mark this important occasion in a Jewish boy’s life and give him an important memento of the occasion.

If you see the proper ties for your bar mitzvah, please order or contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In most cases, when we sell out of one of our mens ties, we do not get any more. And we always, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all unused neckties returned within 30 days!

In closing, if you are searching for formal ties, bar mitzvah ties, church ties, or custom ties we can help there too!

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