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Tiecoon.com - Bartender Ties and Bartender Neckties

Bartender neckties and ties for your bar, pub or restaurant!

Bartender Ties Add Flair to Mixing Drinks 

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While many bars do not require more than wearing a clean shirt to work, some of them require bartender ties to be worn by those behind the bar. Men and women mixing their customers’ favorite drinks present a more professional appearance and many restaurants that also have bar, require their use.

The argument against wearing a bartender tie may be that a necktie can get in the way of the person working and the fact they are subject to being sloshed with alcoholic beverages. Others may also contend that wearing a tie is close to wearing a bar rag around their neck and they don’t want to spend money on something that will be ruined before its time.

Bartender ties, if made properly, can stand up to the abuse they will receive and some materials work better in that role than others. Polyester fabrics are stiffer than silk and are much easier to clean. Most materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth while silk ties will require professional dry cleaning services. The cost of most bartender ties is low enough to make it worth simply discarding one when it gets too dirty to be presentable and replace it with a new one.

Some distributors will offer an establishment to provide bartender ties, with a company logo on it of course, for advertising purposes. Every customer that sees the bartender ties then thinks about a particular brand of alcohol and the distributor gets plenty of targeted advertising. This can benefit both parties, especially the bartender if the establishment does not provide ties for them to wear.

There are also many different designs printed on bartender ties, not only those representing a particular brand. Simple designs such as drink glasses and others with catchy phrases related to the business are popular among both bartenders and their customers.

Some bartender ties are tied in with the season, representing a particular beverage that is usually associated with the season. A green tie with pictures of green beer for example, is popular around the middle of March to signify St. Patrick’s Day.

Sports bars that require bartenders to wear a tie may provide ties emblazoned with the local sports teams. College and professional sports teams are most common as teams from high school sports may present the wrong impression for the bar as they do not cater to underage drinking.

With screen printing techniques for printing on fabrics available, many bars may want their own logo printed on bartender ties to use that subliminal message to keep patrons coming back week after week. Having pictures of the bar’s building is another way of advertising the business to keep the bar’s name in front of the customers.

Pictures printed on ties can include photos of drinks as well as walls of bottles depicting the type of beverages sold in the bar. In some instances, a picture of the bartender on a personalized bartender tie can often prompt discussion between the bartender and the customer. However, it is usually unacceptable to have pictures of young children on the tie as it could imply the wrong message.

Here at Tiecoon, we pride ourself on accurate and detailed pictures. We receive countless emails about how our abstract ties helped events go off without a hitch. You can rest assured that the colors will arrive to you liking, and if you need any help with your purchase just email us at support@tiecoon.com or for answers to any questions that they may have.

If you see the proper ties for your yourself or event, please order or contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In most cases, when we sell out of one of our mens ties, we do not get any more. And we always, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all unused neckties returned within 30 days!

In closing, if you are searching for sale ties, wholesale ties, ties or neckties, we can help there too!

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