Monthly archive: June 2011

Men often fail to see the need for matching their necktie with their shirt. In most cases it is done because it is expected but men don’t try to ensure that the color or material of their ties match their shirts. When you acquire the skill for picking your ties to go with the shirts [...]

So we just got our newest samples of the new seasons ties in TODAY! We will be photographing the solid ties and new neckties and putting them online next week, and the sale ties will be available the week after! We have every color in the rainbow(and more) of solid ties coming. And all these [...]

Here is our press release about our growth recently. Take a peek ; ) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Recession is Over” Says San Diego Necktie Internet Retailer San Diego, California – June 24, 2011 – Along with the rest of America, weathered hard economic times over the past 3 years. An exponentially growing dot-com company, [...]

When we think of men attending formal events we automatically think of people dressed up in a suits wearing bowties. Bowties have been the traditional choice for tuxedos and dinner jackets. IF you have never worn a bow tie before you may be surprised to learn that there are hundreds of types and styles of [...]

Rags to rags

Coming from a place of extreme cheapness, and easily acquiring a Bordeaux taste, I have always strived for the mothers of all deals. “Up to 70% off”, HA!  Only a trick to try and lure you into spending a tank of gas out to the desert to an outlet mall stuffed to the ceilings with [...]