Rags to rags

Coming from a place of extreme cheapness, and easily acquiring a Bordeaux taste, I have always strived for the mothers of all deals.

“Up to 70% off”, HA!  Only a trick to try and lure you into spending a tank of gas out to the desert to an outlet mall stuffed to the ceilings with garbage that didn’t ever hit a regular store’s shelves.  Asian tour buses come in like a never ending flock of lemmings, only to be tricked into the retailer’s trap of such ‘sales’ as buy one get one half off.  Any retailer would gladly sell you anything in their store for half off any day, even without the qualifying first sale at full price.

I want it all, but I want it on clearance, then an additional 50% off, and then I probably have a coupon on top of all that.

This is why quizzically, while I love to make money, I also love the bangin deals.  So when a door to door salesman walked into my office one day and offered me neckties for $10 each, I said, “None for me, but go ask those guys.”  After I watched him sell a case full of cheap ties, I reevaluated my lot in life.

So after figuring out how to buy the absolute best neckties at the dirtiest closeout prices, here I am four years later enjoying life.  Enjoying life selling neckties that is.  A wholesale necktie vendor, owner of www.tiecoon.com , and the legendary tie guy.  And even able to sell the closeout neckties for a profit at only $5.

So, I continue my quest for tomorrow.  If you think I’m joking, just look at www.tiecoon.com.  Rag life?  Probably not.  Rag business?  Maybe.  Riches?  Definitely.

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