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Tiecoon.com - Boat Ties

Aye aye skipper, boat ties it is!

Tie Up Your Boat!

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They may not be commanders of mighty steamships, but the members of the local yacht club are just as passionate about their seafaring vessels as any Navy admiral. Which makes a boat tie a fitting gift for these men of the high seas.

Yacht clubs play host to a number of formal occasions – banquets, weddings, ceremonies – and these situations require the members to dress in something more formal than deck shoes, polo shirt and windbreaker. Indeed, jackets and ties are sometimes required dress for these special events, so boat ties would be the perfect way to compliment these look.

Boat ties may have gotten their origin in the early 19th century when men’s fashion legend George Bryan “Beau” Brummel started the Oxford University Rowing Team. Brummel got members of his Oxford Rowing team to remove the color ribbons from their hatbands and tie them around their necks in a four-in-hand knot. They liked this look so much they ordered actual ties made from the same color scheme and wore them at rowing events on a regular basis.

A boat tie is usually a mens necktie with a nautical theme. The design of the tie can be a sailing ship, anchor, life preserver, yacht or any item or boat connected with the nautical experience. One of the most popular colors for a boat tie is, of course, navy blue, but boat ties can be in any color. They also come in a wide variety of patterns – stripes, checks, solid or prints – so that they can work well with almost any wardrobe.

In addition, ties with boats may also include bright graphics that include scenes from the sea. These can include a lighthouse on a windswept cover, dolphins leaping past the bow of a ship, sailboats resting quietly at the dock. Almost any nautical image can qualify a tie as a 'boat tie'.

Ties with boats are a great look!Boat ties and boat mens neckwear can come in a variety of style. They can be ties that contain an image of the type of boat owned by the individual – a sailboat, a sloop or a yacht, each of which conveys the wearer’s passion about their hobby and in particular their choice of sailing vessel.

Or a boat tie can be personalized with the name of the particular yacht club to which the individual belongs. Many yacht clubs sometimes issue personalized ties to their members to identify them as members of this exclusive club. The image on the tie may be the clubs personalized logo or an image that they have adopted as their own. Either way, a boat tie from a yacht club represents a special presentation.

As states earlier, boat neckties are generally word for special occasions, particularly when those occasions take place at the yacht club. Like many other ties, our boat ties are made of the finest material and the finest quality, so they will last a long time. With proper care, boat neckwear can be a regular part of a man’s necktie wardrobe.

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