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It may require a little help from dad (or mom), but at some point a young man will find himself required to wear a boys tie. Whether it’s to serve as the ring bearer at a wedding or their kindergarten or eighth grade graduation, a boy may find it necessary to dress a bit more formally than the usual play clothes.

Boys ties are more than just a miniature version dad’s ties. A boy’s tie requires a special cut so that it will fit with a proportionate suit and shirt collar. The width and length have to be correct so that a boy’s ties look as sharp as its grown-up counterpart.

Boys ties have been around almost as long as there has been ties. Even from the early days of the cravat, one of the first ties, there have been smaller versions for boys. In the famous painting “Blue Boy” by Gainsborough, the title subject is shown wearing a piece of blue cloth around his neck and under his collar that matches his suit.

Later, boys ties became a mandatory piece of clothing. As far back as the 1890s, there are photographs that show young lads in England wearing boys ties as a part of their school uniform.  This fashion became the norm in the early 1900s, when the vast majority of schools required boys to wear boys ties as a part of their school attire.

The trend for all young men to wear ties in school didn’t really catch on in the U.S. at the same time. Boys ties were primarily worn by students at elite schools such as prep or boarding schools. Boys still wore neckwear for special occasions (Sunday school and church or to great visitors), but everyday wear was geared toward work or play.

One of the few places non-elite places where boys ties were a requirement were Catholic schools. From kindergarten to eight grade, boys at Catholic schools were required to wear a tie, usually a maroon or blue color.

While boys ties may give the wearer the right look for a special occasion, tying a tie is not always an easy task. It may become second nature further along in life, but those first times can be a confusing skill. Many times, a father or older brother may assist, but some manufacturers make clip-on or pre-tied boys ties. Call it “cheating”, but these ties make it easy for a boy to dress himself for those special events. Learning how to tie a boys tie may be a rite of passage, but there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities.

As with a man’s suit, a boys neckwear should match the suit and compliment the color and design. And a new trend is matching suits and ties for father and son. Many men’s ties are available in a boys tie version so that father and son can look their best and create a striking look.

Boys ties represent a rite of passage for a young man, but it is an important milestone in the development toward adulthood.

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