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To most of us today, business ties are a common sight. Visit any moderately sized city and the sight of office workers heading toward their jobs in the morning is likely to include a parade of men’s neckwear of various hues and styles.

Part of the business world for at least a century, when workers during the Industrial Revolution were required to wear neckwear and needs men’s tie that was durable enough to survive work in a factory. This rule held true for manual laborers as well as professionals in higher positions.

As the business world changes, so did the requirements for dress. Manual laborers were not required to wear business men’s ties any longer, but for office workers the rule remained steadfast. Businesses attire often means a suit, dress shirt and a formal business tie. The look creates an atmosphere of professionalism that very few wardrobe items can match. While some of today’s modern, hip companies (usually the high tech firms that skew to a younger workforce) may shun the suit and tie for jeans and a t-shirt, even for the CEO, the vast majority of businesses still look to the suit and men’s necktie as the standard.

Business neckwear is a crucial part of the wardrobe of a successful businessman. For those seeking to make an impression when dealing with others in their field, a professional appearance is a must. And a business tie, whether worn with a suit or simply with a crisp dress shirt, is a part of that look.

Businesses ties are usually more sedate than ties worn or other occasions. For instance, a bright, colorful tie worm for a festive occasion, such as a hand-painted tie or a tie of an unusual material are usually not regarded as proper business ties. For a business tie to convey the professional appearance that leads to success, the tie should be one that doesn’t venture too far out of the ordinary.

Novelty designs are generally frowned upon (no hula dancers, crazy designs or image or wacky features like lights, etc.) when it comes to a business setting. The idea is to convey a sense of decorum and seriousness and a business necktie is an important part of this look.

While there are ties in solid colors at the far ends of the spectrum, when worn with a complimentary suit and shirt, they fit perfectly into the business look. Businessmen’s neckwear can also involve different patterns and print designs, but again, as long as the designs and patterns are not too extreme, it can be a successful business tie.

As a general rule, it’s best to stick with basic, solid color ties in conservative patterns if you’re unsure of what constitutes business ties. While some men are skilled when it comes to match suits with complimentary colors on a far end of the spectrum, if you’re unsure, stick with ties that are in the same color range as the suit you’re wearing. For instance, a dark tie with a dark color suit, or business neckties that matche one of the colors in your shirt. Stay within the color range of your suit and you can be sure that your business tie will make the right impression.

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