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Church Ties Can Show Your Style And Your Devotion

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Mention “church neckties” and a lot of people may just assume you mean a tie that a man wears on Sundays. Something sedate and low-key, not too flashy. Maybe even something suitable for the office.

But mens church ties are more than just the one tie a man picks out to wear to mass or to hear the sermon. Church neck ties today are actually neckwear that can specifically designate the wearer’s religious affiliation.

Currently on the market are ties that are wearable testaments to the wearer’s faith, embedded with symbols that represent the particular branch of religion that the wearing practices.

There are church men’s ties that contain the Chi Rho or IHC symbol that designates the wearers as Christians, church neckwear with the “budded cross” of the Episcopal faith, the cross and dual linked flame symbol of the Methodists or the budded cross, often associated with Irish Catholics. In addition, members of the Jewish faith may have “church ties” (actually synagogue ties) with the Star of David embroidered on them.

Wearing church for ties has been a long tradition around the world, as long as ties have been in popular use. Church is often looked at as a solemn, reverent occasion and regular attendees consider it to be an occasion where wearing their best (i.e. their “Sunday best”) is the norm. They see it as giving their best to God, so it extend down to their wardrobe and wearing church ties.

So where does the idea of wearing church neckties and dressing up for church come from? Well, some believe that it comes from the Bible itself. Some experts have cited a passage from Genesis 35:1-3 where God speaks to Jacob:” Then God said to Jacob, 'Go up to Bethel and settle there. Build an altar there to honor Me. …So Jacob spoke to his family and to everyone who was with him. He said, 'Get rid of the strange gods you have with you. Make yourselves pure, and change your clothes.’”

Church ties are great for all Saturdays or Sundays!The reference to “make yourself pure, and change your clothes” is seen by some as meaning church attendees should wear their best clothes, including church ties, to honor God.

Whatever the reason, wearing church ties is a style that is here to stay, so it only makes sense to find the right church tie for you. While it doesn’t have to include symbolic images of their faith, most church ties are muted neckwear, not the flashy, brightly colored ties that one might wear on a night on the town.

A church tie might be a solid color or contain a design of simple stripes. It may even be a bow tie, although they would normally be as muted in design as extra long church ties.

Wearing church ties can be a symbol of one’s commitment and devotion to church. If you are searching for church ties for men, considering finding one that conveys your reverence and devotion to church. Whether it’s a solid color tie or an understated design, you can find the right church ties here. 

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