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Tiecoon.com - Clearance Ties

Super deals on clearance ties at Tiecoon.com!

Clearance Ties Don’t Have To Mean Cheap Ties

At Tiecoon.com:

Jon vanDyk Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Extra Long(XL) Ties are always $9.95
Bowties are always $6.95
Narrow Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Boy's/Children's Ties are always $6.95

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A savvy shopper will no doubt be aware of the bargains they can get with clearance ties. Those shoppers are willing to do the work it takes to find the unique bargains and steals available when they seek clearance ties.

Despite what some may think, clearance ties doesn’t automatically mean the ties no one else wanted, or the ties that have long been out of fashion. This does not mean there are not stores that won’t try to pawn off their worst selling or unwanted ties as clearance neckties. There are plenty of retailers who feel no qualms about dragging a bunch of their worst, more unfashionable ties out of the back room, sticking them on a rack and declaring them “clearance ties”.

As any fashion-conscious man knows, these ties are quite often designated as “clearance ties” for a reason. Outdated, poorly constructed, fad ties are a bargain by no one’s standards. They’re merely put into stock simply on the off chance that they might make the store a buck or two.

But that doesn’t mean that all clearance ties aren’t worth your money or the time you might spend seeking them out. Many retail outlets offer clearance men's ties that come from the top designers and top manufacturers in the business. These clearance ties are often sold at prices that are far below the ties original coast, meaning a smart shopper can find just the right clearance ties to compliment their wardrobe.

In many instances, clearance ties are simple ties that are being reduced in price to make room for the next season’s ties. Inventory limitations make it difficult keep both the current stock and the new stock coming in. So the best way to make room is to reduce the price of the current stock to make room for the new fashions. The retailer may not make as much profit on the individual ties in a reduced stock of clearance ties, but the attractiveness of the offers may mean more sales overall.

It’s also a great deal for the consumer, of course. As we’ve stated, many of the ties being offered in a clearance sale at a reputable menswear store may be designer ties that can often be quite expensive. For the fashion conscious consumer who may not have the finances to afford designer ties, clearance ties may be the perfect opportunity to add to add these high quality pieces of fashion to their wardrobe.

And as we’ve stated, since many of these clearance ties are from the previous season’s styles, they will still be in fashion. Only the most discriminating fashion eye will be able to discern that the clearance tie is not part of the current season’s styles. Everyone else will see a piece of designer fashion that is right in step with the current styles.

You can find clearance ties in the top menswear stores and the top online fashion sites. Check out our latest line of clearance ties and find the top designers and top styles without the top prices.

If you need great ties, neckwear, good ties, or even ugly ties, we do all of them! Just email us at support@tiecoon.com.