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Cute ties with dogs for all canine fanatics!

Man’s Best Friend Featured on a Tie

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Man’s best friend can become even closer to their owner when their favorite breed is featured on a special dog tie.

Dog owners are often quite passionate about not only their dog but all dogs of a similar breed. The enthusiasm that dog owners have for their pets is a strong bond that runs through many aspects of their lives. For many owners, their dogs are important members of their family and that bond is reflected in the things they purchase and bring into their homes.

Having men’s dog ties with images of their favorite breed is a great gift for the dog enthusiast that combines great looks with their best friend. Many of the best dog ties are designed with style in mind so that they can be worn with business suits, weekend casual wear or a night on the town. These dog ties can be a wardrobe’s best friend.

Nearly every breed of dog is represented by dog ties. From a tiny Chihuahua to the massive Great Dane, dog lovers can find their special breed adorning men’s neckwear. Far from a novelty tie, dog ties are often made of the finest quality material including silk, and boast some of the best craftsmanship around.

Dogs have been one of the favorite companions of man throughout history. From the time they were first domesticated to assist man in hunting, they have been both a co-worker and a companion. Many famous people have been dog owners, including nearly every U.S. president. George Washington, our first president, own 10 hunting hounds while Thomas Jefferson not only owned a sheep dog, but created the first dog license. Calvin Coolidge is believed to have led all U.S. presidents by owning 12 dogs.

Give a great gift of a dog necktie!Many celebrities have also been big dog fans and have often been spotted by the paparazzi hitting the streets with their pets either on a leash or even tucked in a handbag, a la Paris Hilton.

Dog ties can be subtle designs of your favorite breed in a repetitive pattern. From a distance, it may merely appear to be a series of small ornate designs but upon closer inspection will reveal itself to be a Labrador or a golden retriever. The low key design means that the tie is suitable for a business setting or formal occasion.

For more casual occasions, there are dog neckties with bold designs that are either printed or woven. These designs may cover the entire surface of the day and will easily display your love for your German Shepherd or your Poodle. The designs may feature dogs in different settings: performing the tasks they were bred for (such as hunting or herding) or in simple regal poses showing their natural beauty and stature.

Like many other types of specialty ties, dog ties are made of the finest quality material and feature fine craftsmanship. They are designed to combine durability and good looks as well as become a welcome addition to the formal wardrobe of any dog lover.

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