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Dragon ties and dragon neckties for the midieval in you!

Dragon Ties Show Who is King of the Castle

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There are at least as many dragon tie designs as there are interpretations of what a dragon is and depending on the culture it depicts, each design comes with its own story. Ancient Chinese lore follows tigers and dragons as a source of power with the eastern part of the country more enthralled with the power from the dragon.

In many forms of Chinese art, as well as other Asian nations, the dragon has become an artwork often depicted on many different objects including, but definitely not limited to dragon ties. During the ancient times many believed power came from the dragon, explaining why so many people wear clothing emblazoned with dragon art, often depicted as breathing fire and in an attach position.

However, the Chinese dragon in not the only one found on ties. The Welsh dragon, typically depicted as a flying dragon in red on a white background, is very popular in the west. The Welsh dragon ties are complimented by other clothing articles such as T-shirts and hats and seen by most as a marketing sales ploy. Others disagree claiming that the Welsh dragon has been popular for centuries but few outside of the Welsh culture are overly familiar with them.

Various designs and colors are shown on dragon ties as well as on many other clothing articles. Colors usually contrast between the background colors and the color of the dragon with reds, yellows and silver being the dominant colors. There are also depictions of so-called guardian dragons used on ties and other clothing. According to some sellers of dragon ties, the artwork of the dragon tells a story from ancient Chinese times.

When agriculture began to grow in dominance in ancient China, the dragon was believed to be partly in control of the weather. The Chinese at the time began to put more emphasis on the dragon than on the bear and its popularity soared. That symbolism is still strong today through many of the agricultural areas of the country and is often seen on dragon ties.

Today there are many more depictions of dragons than those seen in Chinese art. Children’s cartoons have given birth to a new generation of dragons and recent children’s books and movies have raised the awareness of dragons for a new generation. Those dragons are making their way onto dragon ties as well, moving into the novelty tie category.
Many ancient stories of armored knights fighting off dragons to free a damsel in distress are being undone by stories of dragons saving people and whole communities from other monsters, human or otherwise, creating an appreciation for dragons. Often though, dragons are still envisioned as being green and breathing fire and even many on dragon ties do not look as friendly as many of the dragons do in children’s stories.

Despite the addition of a whole new generation of dragons the images handed down through centuries of ancient Chinese lore continue to be the most popular for decorating dragon ties around the world.

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