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Fraternity Ties Show Continued School Spirit

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Many graduates believe that being in a fraternity is a lifelong endeavor believing that friendships developed while in college and in a fraternity create a brotherhood that can not be changed. Since fraternities usually connect students with the same career goals, they will remain in similar industries once they graduate. 

Wearing a fraternity tie is tantamount to wearing a badge that can be recognized by other members of the same fraternity and is a sign of the brotherhood they became part of during their educational life. They can wear their fraternity ties to functions such as reunions or professional meetings to be easily recognized by others with the same background.

For most fraternity members, the brotherhood goes beyond the members that shared at least four years of college life. For most, they consider themselves a part of something that was going on before they joined the fraternity. Alumni and future graduates form an unspoken bond that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

Every college offers ties to wear related to the school and nearly every fraternity has its own fraternity tie to share with all of its members. Membership includes all of the charter members through recent members still in school and those who have graduated. Wearing the fraternity tie reminds them of the social group with which they are associated.

As fraternity members advance through their careers, their old fraternity tie may hang in a closet or folded neatly in a drawer waiting for the proper occasion to be worn again. Some graduates will have several fraternity ties, and some may even have different slogans, depending on the era in which they graduated, but the overall message and recognition will remain the same.

Some fraternity members may be happy owning their fraternity pins they received when they finally advanced to full members in the fraternity, but many more will also hang onto their fraternity ties and wear them when attending the appropriate occasions. They know that membership can never be taken away from them and they are usually proud to show they are part of something they perceive as special.

Fraternity members actually consider themselves fraternity brothers, some even more so than blood relatives as the situations they encountered while in college helped shape who they became as adults. They also went through basically the same educational and social challenges that made them able to relate to the trials they each overcame while growing into adulthood and are ready to meet real world challenges head on.

It is this type of bond that can never be broken and even those with personal differences often set them aside for the sake of preserving their brotherhood. Wearing their fraternity ties when gathered as a group makes each of them recognizable. Even to those who may have graduated and joined the fraternity many years ahead of them. While they continue in their careers they know they can count on their fraternity brothers to be part of their social and industry network to help each other continue to grow and succeed.

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