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Tiecoon.com - Free Ties

Tiecoon.com is giving away free neckties to cities, schools, and clubs.

Tiecoon.com is announcing the giveaway of free ties to any school, university, city, municiplity, club or department that shows a need and is selected by tiecoon.com. Below is the press release regarding the giveaway, and an application form below for your club, school, or agency, or to suggest one that you think is worthy.

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Tiecoon.com is Seeking Cities, Schools, and Clubs in Need of Free Neckties
San Diego, California – November 24, 2010 – Tiecoon.com, an online necktie retailer and one of the nation’s largest importers of neckties, is announcing that it is giving away neckties to cities, municipalities, fire departments, police departments, schools, universities,  and affiliated clubs.

“At tiecoon.com we understand that many cities, schools, clubs, and government funded agencies are under a lot of financial stress right now.  We are just looking for a way to give back.  Help the boys in blue.” says President Jesse Pederson. This is in response to economic hard times in the recession.

Tiecoon.com will be searching for suitable candidates starting immediately and ongoing until a suitable amount has been found. 

Selected applicants will receive, free of charge, any variety of neckties suited and tailored for their needs.  We are able to produce custom ties, as well as have many ties in stock.  This can include custom ties with custom patterns and colors for a school uniform, police uniform, or colors of a club or dormitory. We can also meet your needs for length for boys and children, or special needs such as break away ties for police, or neckwear for girls school uniforms also.  Quantity is also open, “If they need one free tie or one thousand.”

For information, to apply, recommend, or correspond for the giveaway please visit http://www.tiecoon.com /freeties.  Do not contact via phone for this promotion, for media only.

Tiecoon Support Team
2764 N Green Valley Pkwy #122
Henderson, NV 89014

Contact Information For Free Neckties

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    2764 N Green Valley Pkwy #122
    Henderson, NV 89014

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