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Get groovy with some of tiecoon's funky ties

Be Stylish and Fun, Try a Funky Tie!

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When it’s time to cut loose yet keep a classy appearance, a subtle business tie just won’t do. For a look that says classy but fun, try a funky tie.

A funky tie defies definition but you know one when you see one. A funky can be anything from a tie with wild colors or patterns to a tie with an unusual design to a tie with an unusual shape or style. Anything out of the ordinary when it comes to men’s neckwear can be considered a funky neckwear.

As you might have guessed, funky ties are not necessarily suitable for the office. There may be some workplaces where a tie that is out of the ordinary is actually a bonus. For instance, there are certain chain stores where a tie is a required part of the uniform, but that tie is an unusual pattern. But for the most part, funky ties are designed for fun events and occasions that are not formal or solemn.

Thought they did begin during that era, funky ties are many times associated with the swinging ‘60s, particularly when the hip crowds in London made it the epicenter of cool. Funky ties drew their influence from the psychedelic culture of the time and often featured colorful, swirling patterns and other bold graphics. Or they could feature reproductions of pop culture artwork suck as the work of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg or Peter Max (who created the look of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” animated movie). Anything could wind up on a funky tie.

The funkiest neckwear on earth at tiecoon!In the disco era of the ‘70s, funky ties continued to push the boundaries with wild patterns and unique graphics. In addition, different materials became popular for funky ties including metallic threads and knit material. This combination of unusual material and unique graphics gave funky ties a unique place in culture.

The 1980s saw the rise of the new wave movement and the popularity of skinny ties as the accessory of the young and hip. These ties took on an even funkier look when funky ties began being made of bright primary colors and materials like vinyl and leather. Edgy punk rockers began sporting these ties to make an ironic, yet fashionable, statement.

Today, funky ties can include wild graphics. Musicians may opt for funky mens neckwear such as a keyboard pattern or a bold image of a guitar. The more rebellious may sport funky ties with flames or a skull and crossbones motif or a picture of a roaring Harley Davidson. Or how about the image of your favorite comic strip or cartoon character.

The world of funky neckties is vast. But the wild designs don’t mean that funky ties are cheaply made. Many of them are made of the finest material just like the quality business ties. They also feature quality construction so they will last a long time. With proper care, such as proper storage and cleaning, funky ties can last for years.

Give your wardrobe a wild new dimension and add a funky mens tie to your ensemble.

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