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If you want good ties, tiecoon has been selling them for years!


Good Ties Can Give Your Wardrobe A One-Of-A-Kind Look

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While almost any tie can compliment business or formal attire, only good neckties can add a bit of extra pizzazz to your overall look. If you have a basic, slightly drab suit, considering sprucing up your look with good neck ties in a complimentary color or pattern.

Most men’s fashion experts point to the tie as the most underappreciated part of a man’s wardrobe. Men can spend weeks and months searching for just the right suit for that special occasion – a new job, a wedding, graduation or other special event – but they often neglect to spend quality time searching for good men’s ties. They may quickly grab whatever tie is in the store simply because the color is “right”. The result is a suit that, while it may be expensive, simply fails to “pop”.

But with good bowties, any suit, from the most expensive to the modestly priced, will take on a whole new look and catch the eye of everyone in the room. Good ties are the crowning touch to a sharp look and can take any suit and shirt combination to the next level.

For the best of good ties, tiecoon will always prevail!Donning good ties means getting away from the mundane and routine neckwear accessory of a solid color tie or simple striped tie. Most men seem to opt for the safe and simple when it comes to neckwear to complete a look: Grey tie with black suit, light blue tie with blue suit, etc. Also, many men opt for a basic white shirt as the “palette” for their tie. There’s nothing wrong with any of these options, just that they can be boring to look at and waste the quality of the suit. Wearing good ties can bring that suit and shirt to life.

There are, of course, some basic rules to combining a good tie with a suit. The occasion to which you are wearing the suit matters. Although a good necktie should be able to be worn anywhere, a business occasion is different than a night on the town. Business attire should be more sedate than “party” clothes but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Next, there are color combinations that don’t work as well as others (a plaid shirt and striped tie may not go well together), but in these modern times, these rules are falling as well and good ties can come in combinations that men of the past may not have considered. It’s not entirely unusual to see a small-checked plaid shirt with a striped tie, although this combination is usually for the more fashionably adventurous. And men should consider the season when selecting which good ties to wear. Spring and summer are usually the time for lighter colors, while fall and winter is for darker colors.

But beyond these few rules, the look is up to you. Good boys ties can come in any color or any pattern. There are ties in every color of the rainbow with vibrant and subdued patterns, ties with a woven texture, ties made from unusual materials and ties of varying widths. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of good color ties to find the look that sets you apart from the crowd.

At tiecoon.com we provide all typed of neckwear at discount, cheap, wholesale, and clearance tie prices. All of our mens wholesale ties are brand new, department store quality, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you need any help finding cool ties, great ties, awesome ties, hot ties or wild ties, just drop us a note at support@tiecoon.com.