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Tiecoon.com - Graduation Ties and Grad Neckties

Graduation ties and neckties perfect for any grad!

Graduation Ties Often Reveal Alma Mater

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Nothing says “Hey. I made it!” like wearing a graduation tie from the school you just successfully completed. Although many people will only wear that tie on certain milestones in their career, having a graduation tie tucked into the closet can provide the occasional boost of satisfaction that may be needed in difficult times.

They can also be used to brag a little once a while when showing off your individual accomplishments. Although the degree or diploma is more credible, showing off the graduation tie can offer self-satisfaction as well as allow you the opportunity to rub it in.

It really doesn’t matter from which school you graduated as ties are available for nearly all high schools, junior colleges and major colleges. Additionally, graduates of many military academies can also wear graduation ties following completion of their training. Some colleges even offer different types of graduation ties to show what level the student has completed. Like stepping stones, one color tie is used once they complete their freshman year with different colors representing each successive year up to and through graduation.

There is some debate about wearing graduation ties later in life, especially when in the job market as some view people wearing graduation ties as reluctant to let go of their school life. They may interpret that as not being ready to accept the responsibilities of a career. However, there are more that believe the job applicants who wear their graduation ties to a job interview are being proud of being a part of that institution.

Similar to professional ties, graduates believe they have worked long and hard to achieve their degree, regardless of the field, and when they meet up with others wearing graduation ties from the same institution it is like being part of a brotherhood, each one knowing what the others went through to achieve their diploma or degree. Many view a graduation tie in the same way they view a fraternity or sorority ring or pin, believing they can now connect with others from the same school even thought they attended in different years.

Neckties of this sort often have the school logo and slogan on them and many will also show the school and the program in which the graduate was enrolled. They can be worn as a sign of distinction for their accomplishment as well as bragging about the level of their education. Some graduates may go to extremes in the design of their personal graduation tie, often differing from the ones available from the school. Many schools invite students to submit designs for periodic updates to their ties.

Though usually available in the school’s colors slogans may vary depending on the source of slogan used on the tie. In many colleges each class develops its own slogan which is displayed on graduation ties along with the standard school slogan. Showing pride in their educational experiences by wearing their graduation tie when appropriate is considered a sign of the price they paid to meet their goals as well as which school helped them achieve this.

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