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Great Ties Are Always In Style With A Great Suit

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Nothing completes the look of a great suit like great ties. You can wear an expensive suit and merely look good, but without a selection of great ties, it’s just casual apparel. To take it to the next level and make it a professional, timeless and classic look, you need great ties to bring it all together.

Whether it’s for business, a formal event such as wedding or graduation, or simply to make an impression, wearing great neckties makes a statement when you enter a room. Great ties are a must for the successful executive, a member of a formal wedding party, an important job interview or other specials occasion. When they say “dress for success”, they mean doing so with great ties.

Even before the current crop of great ties were conceived, the concept of a necktie as important apparel began in the 17th century, when Croatian mercenaries fighting for King Louis XIV began wearing knotted silk cloth around their necks for both style and to ward of the effects of cold weather. The silk neck cloths caught the eye of King Louis XIV and other fashion-conscious Parisians and it began a sweeping fad, with men tying lace “cravats” (the French word for Croats) around their necks and securing them with strings tied into a bow.

 Other forms of great ties soon developed, including the Steinkirk (named after a battle in 1692 in which several princes wound cravats around their necks, twisted the ends together and pushed the ends through a buttonhole in their jackets) and the “stocks” (created in 1715, it was a section of muslin folded in to a band and wound around the shirt collar then pinned together in the back).

In the 1800s, a book called “Neckclothitania” was published that included instructions how to tie more than 15 version of the cravat. It is also believed to be the first book to use the word “tie” as a noun in reference to neckwear. Then, in the late 1800s, the birth of the industrial revolution created the need for everyday work wear that was comfortable. Thus, the long tie was born, the predecessor to today’s great ties. It was long and thin and simple to tie. In England it was called the “four-in-hand” because the knot that was created by the style looked like the reins of a four-horse carriage, the type used by the British aristocracy.

Flash forward to 1926 when New York City tie manufacturer Jesse Langsdorf invented a new tie that was cut into three segments and sewn together, giving the fabric better elasticity to help it keep its shape. The “Langsdorf” style is one of the great ties that has been worn by most men ever since.

Today there are millions of styles and designs of great ties available. Those with a keen eye for fashion can find the right combination to make that suit come alive. There are great ties made of the finest silk, great men's ties in new and exciting colors, great ties with unique patterns and great ties is a variety of widths and lengths. Search through our collection of fine silk neckties and build the perfect great silk tie to compliment your wardrobe.

If you find the great neckties you seek, hop on it. When we sell out of one of our great ties, we do not get any more. And we always, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all unused neckties returned within 30 days!

Lastly, if you were looking for details on hot ties, quality ties, crazy ties or good ties goodties, you are in luck!

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