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Tiecoon.com Hotel Ties

The web's best ties for hotels, valets, and their staff

At Tiecoon.com:

Jon vanDyk Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Extra Long(XL) Ties are always $9.95
Bowties are always $6.95
Narrow Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Boy's/Children's Ties are always $6.95

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Hotels strive for excellence in their uniforms. When it comes to hotel ties, hoteliers are looking for style, durability, and value.

Hotels require quality employees with upstanding outward appearance and superb customer service. Hotels are always striving to for style, quality, and elegance. Hotel employees' uniforms and neck ties are a key part in keeping a professional hotel appearance. Tiecoon keeps current and classic styles of all kinds. When you can't find a tie for your hotel or need your current uniform matched, we are also a huge supplier of custom ties.

Another factor that plays a role in hotel's decisions for their hotel neckties and uniforms is durability. Hotel neckties need to be constructed to be used and abused daily, and subject to frequent cleaning and laundering. Tiecoon.com's hotel ties are made out of 100% woven micro fiber polyester. 'Woven' means that the shell material and pattern is woven into the fabric. 'Micro fiber' means that we use a smaller diameter thread to weave the hotel neck tie fabric, making is more silky elegant with a feel just like woven silk. '100% polyester' ties material are much more rugged than silk making them snag less, easier to spot clean, and great for laundering.

A huge determining factor for hotels as with most businesses is price. Neckties at Tiecoon have always uncompromising when it comes to price. Our neckties are all only $5. Our ties are the same quality as any department store ties, just that buying direct saves you a ton of money. And you can buy worry free, because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all unused ties, even if you dislike the color.

We stock stock hundreds of styles and colors of ties for your hotel. The most common way people like to shop for hotel ties if to shop by color to match your uniforms, and even hotel. We make it simple to shop by color. Just click here to shop by color. If you need to shop by pattern, you can also do that by clicking here.

Here at Tiecoon, we pride ourself on accurate and detailed pictures. We receive countless emails about how our discount hotel ties helped their business. Just be assured if you are looking for a tie for hotel, yours or someone else's, we can help with a caring and helpful support team.

If you need help, just email us at support@tiecoon.com.

Also , if you were needing restaurant ties, uniform ties, or wholesale ties we do all those too!

Let us know how we can help you and your hotel.