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The Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot is the grand daddy of knots. It is the most classic and the most thought of when it comes to necktie knots. Therefore, the windsor knot is the best for the most formal and most presentable occasions for attorneys, doctors, and interviews. It is a big knot, so it is best suited for wider spread collar shirts. You will be surprised how easy it is to do once you learn it.

Anyone can use this knot, but it looks very good for men with long necks, because it is wide and can give an optical illusion that the neck is shorter.

How to Tie a Windsor Knot Video
Step-by-Step Instructions How to Tie a Windsor Knot

To tie the Windsor Knot, select a necktie of your choice and stand in front of a mirror. Then simply follow the steps below:

1) Start with the wide end ("W") of your necktie on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end ("N") on the left.

2) Then cross the wide end over the narrow end.

3) Bring the wide end up through the loop between the collar and your tie.

4) Then bring the wide end back down.

5) Pull the wide end underneath the narrow end and to the right, back through the loop and to the right again so that the wide end is inside out.

6) Bring the wide end across the front from right to left.

7) Then pull the wide end up through the loop again.

8) Bring the wide end down through the knot in front.

9) And - use both hands - make the knot tight and cinch it up to the collar.

Bingo! Thats it! You see that it is not as hard as you thought all this time. Just a few more times of practice and you will have it down pat.