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One acknowledged sign of a professional is the tie and even with so many different styles and colors of mens ties, they still give the wearer an air of professionalism, regardless of the industry in which they work. Known as cravats by the French in the 17th century, the tradition of wearing a thin band of cloth around the neck and knotted under the chin continued to gain popularity. Originally a sign of status in those earlier times, today’s neck ties are often seen as a sign of prosperity in some industries.

The size of neckties varied greatly through the years with some in the mid 20th century spanning almost five inches in width. The length of most long ties rarely changes although some larger wearers prefer ties longer than the traditional 59 inches. The typical width of between two and three inches has remained basically unchanged throughout the years despite periodic splurges when ties grew to almost five inches in width.

The long tie is not the only decoration that men have worn around their necks over the years. Neckwear has included the ascot, the bow tie and in predominantly western areas the bolo ties. Since many men wore ties regardless of their profession there was some danger in having this piece of cloth tied around their neck. Should the material become caught in machinery, the individual could be dragged into the equipment and severely injured.

This caused the creation of the clip-on tie. Ties were pre-tied with a plastic insert that clipped under the collars and over the top neck of the shirt. Many forgot about the initial reasons for their creation and they became almost a joke among many men. However, men who are required to wear neckties in a dangerous environment continue to wear them today.

One note of interest: during the early 20th century in England stripes in men’s ties were consistently cut so the stripes went from the left shoulder to the right side of the stomach. During that same time the Brooks Brothers introduced men’s striped neck ties in the United States and they cut the material so that the stripes ran in the opposing direction.

Colors of mens ties also come with a lot of tradition with a red tie said to be an accent to the man’s overall dress. Typically worn with dark suits and light shirts they offer a high degree of professionalism. Blue ties are considered the standard for dark suits as well as they tend to make the suit appear lighter. Business leaders seem to prefer the classic burgundy men’s tie, which is good for nearly every event.

For more formal attire bow ties are considered the neckwear of choice as opposed to semi-formal wear requiring a long tie. Bow ties are still the mens tie of choice for many men in the business world, especially in positions where the long ends of a tie could hinder their work. They were also popular in the mid-20th century for many upper class men attending horse racing events and other occasions when wearing a tuxedo would be considered overdressed. Even when used without a suit jacket, men’s ties still demand the wearer to receive a degree of respect for their position.

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