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If you have a music fan in your life, a tie that reflects that passion may be the best gift you can present them. A music tie, that is, a tie that has a design or motif with a musical influence, is a great way to show that you understand and acknowledge their interests.

Most musicians are extremely passionate about their craft, whether it’s simply an enjoyable pastime or their livelihood. They may have a collection of music-related items in their homes, gifts from friends and family that usually remains on their shelf. Which makes a music tie a gift that can go with them anywhere and show how deeply their passions run.

You may not immediately think of a tie when you imagine a musician, but these days, even the most adventurous rock musician may don a music tie for a concert or even as part of his casual dress. Many of today’s top rock acts have not adopted a classier look – suit jackets, dress shirts and ties – to break away from the traditional scruffy rocker look. Even younger bands and hip-hop artists have hit the stage with skinny music ties.

Meanwhile, in the jazz arena, ties have always been a part of the uniform for many of them. In the early days, bandleaders insisted that all of their members dress to impress with suits and ties (sometimes even tuxedos). Looking well was almost as important as playing well. That Feel the groove with our $6.95 music ties!desire to look sharp carried on through legendary performers such as Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and Dave Brubeck.  Even today, younger jazz performers such as Wynton Marsalis take pride in presenting a clean-cut appearance, complete with music tie.

So what exactly is a music tie? Well, it can be a tie that reflects the musical tastes and interests of the recipient. A music tie may be adorned with embroidered images of the instrument of choice of the recipient. For instance, it may include images of a trumpet, drumsticks, a keyboard or French horn. And it doesn’t have to be a small, hard to see image of an instrument. Some ties are silk-screened with colorful images of musical instruments that cover the entire tie and give the wearer a bold, distinctive look. Either way, having the image of the instrument played by the recipient can be a personal touch that can go a long way toward making the music tie a cherished possession.

If you’re looking for something a little more distinctive, there are music ties that commemorate their favorite band or musician. Presenting a music tie with their favorite musician is a great way to let them show their musical interests without saying a word.

Music ties can be worn by entire members of ensembles as well. Entire orchestras and bands can order matching ties with their organizations logo or their school crest. It can create a professional look to any musical group and promote their efforts away from the band as well.

Music ties can hit the right note with the music fan in your life.

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