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The Basics Of Wearing A Necktie

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The necktie should be a mandatory part of nay man’s wardrobe? It is a great accessory that does not cost a great deal of money but that can have a huge impact on the look of a man’s outfit. It can display patterns of various sizes and styles; it can create a mood or feeling in the person who is wearing it. There are literally thousands of styles, colors and patterns to choose from when purchasing a necktie. The style of neckties that you choose to wear can be a great way to show your personality.

Many men will claim to be anti-necktie. They question why they should wear or be expected to wear a necktie. There are instances when wearing a necktie is unnecessary but there are times when it is almost a must. When working with the public or if you are person who is in the public eye you should always wear a neck tie especially if you are in a position of importance. There are also certain occupations in which a person is expected to wear a tie in order to look professional. These occupations include positions such as sales reps, news reporters, politicians, doctors and lawyers. There are some businesses, small and large that have implemented a mandatory dress code that requires that men to wear shirt and neckties on a daily basis.

Wearing a necktie is easy, knowing how to wear the right necktie is something that does not come easy to some men and it is a skill that must be learned. Knowing how to select the perfect necktie means that a man must know the basics of neckties in terms of design, such as patterns and solids. The style of the necktie will depend on the occasion. If you are wearing your necktie to work you should opt for more subtle neck ties, something that does not stand out. However, if you are attending a party then you may choose something more colorful and bold.

Most men who are not used to or comfortable with wearing neckties have trouble matching and coordinating the necktie and the shirt. To create an outfit that really looks good does require that you put in some effort. When trying to match your shirt and necktie you need to consider what colors look good together and which look totally wrong when paired with each other. For example, solid shirts can be paired with solid or patterns neckties but you should not put a patterned tie with a patterned shirt. Patterns stand out more and it is very hard to find matching patterns. A plain white shirt will go with just about any color tie but proceed with caution when pairing a colored shirt and colored neck tie. However, if you are a person who does not care about the rules of wearing a neck tie then anything goes.

Neckties are not known for being comfortable but when chosen correctly you will hardly notice that you are even wearing one. When looking for comfortable ties you shouldn’t cheap out, spending a little extra money on your necktie will ensure the comfort. Silk ties tend to be the most comfortable. Ties that are made with paddling are harder to tie and give a bulky feeling around the neck.

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