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Neckwear The Key To A Classic Look

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If you need to tie together that expensive suit or give a bit of a spark to that bland outfit, neckwear may be the answer.

A great suit can elevate the look of any man. From an expensive designer suit to a modest everyday work suit, the proper slacks and matching jacket can make any man look his best. But add a tie to that suit and that look gets elevated to an executive level, a look that demands to be taken seriously.

Even a simple slacks/sweater vest/shirt ensemble gets a hip new upgrade when you add neckwear to that look. Indeed, neckwear that was once shunned by the young, hip generation is now being embraced as a cool addition to their wardrobe, bringing together the new and the traditional.

Neckwear has been around for ages, harking back to the court of King Louis XIV and the Croatian mercenaries, who tied scarves around their necks for fashion and warmth. The look so intrigued the King that he began sporting the look himself and members of his court began wearing them as well.

The cravat eventually evolved into the neckwear that we know today, a staple of the business and formalwear look and lots of places in between. We all have the image of the businessman with his suit and crisp tie, or the operagoer with their formal black tie. But neckwear is a part of many other walks of life, from the theater usher to the waiter to the bartender at an upscale lounge. There are hundreds of jobs where neckwear is essential to the complete look.

Because of this reason, there are hundreds of types of neckwear, from regular ties to specialty ties that are created specifically for a particular job. There is neckwear of different styles and shapes, neckwear that denotes rank or position, neckwear that commemorates special occasions or membership.

The most common neckwear is the business tie commonly worn with a suit. It can be a solid color, striped, patterned, silk or cloth. But they are usually relatively subdued and are designed to match well with a particular suit. Depending on the color and style, the neckwear can also denote status and influence (remember the “power tie"?).

For formal occasions, black tie has always been the neckwear of choice. While it can be a straight tie or a bow tie, the black tie has been a familiar piece of neckwear with tuxedos and basic black suits. For weddings, the opera, almost any special occasion, black tie neckwear is the accepted look.

Speaking of bowties, they’re but one of the specialty pieces of neckwear that is also available. While they are not as common as they once were, bowties are regaining some of their popularity as neckwear because they provide a different fashion for men, a new look that demands attention. Most people generally regard bowties as the fashion choice of the intellectual and the elite, but they’re finding their way into the common man’s wardrobe as a bold new fashion statement.

Neckwear has evolved throughout the ages and continues to evolve. But regardless of what direction it takes, neckwear will continue to be part of our wardrobe.