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Tiecoon.com - Novelty Ties and Novelty Neckties

Novelty ties and neckwear is perfect for striking conversation.

Create Fun and Controversy with Novelty Ties 

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Your imagination is the only thing that restricts the design of novelty ties as they can show your team pride, you musical ability or make a statement on just about anything and everything. From ties decorated as piano keys or those that appear to be stained with your favorite foods, novelty ties almost always spark comments from others.

Golf balls and tees often appear on themed novelty ties and others may have a print of a scorecard or even a picture of the wearer’s favorite golf course. A single golf club can also be emblazoned on a tie as some may wish to make par with their appearance while showing their love for the sport.

In the past few years neckwear has gone from the old stodgy ties to designs that actually appear to come to life. Printing and screen print methods have evolved to make novelty neckties more colorful and attractive regardless of the image presented on the tie. From pictures of a catsup bottle to images of cartoon characters, novelty neckties can meet the personality of nearly everyone required to wear a tie.

Animal prints are common among novelty ties as well as prints of fish and other games for those wanting to show off their love of individual sports. Making a statement about their favorite sports teams or holidays is also popular with many different types of ties being decorated with the sports’ game or the tools used in the sport such as rifles and fishing poles.

Some novelty ties are simply made with wild colors and designs that probably would never be worn if not on a necktie, as many are more willing to splash a little of their colorful personality on a tie than they are on their regular clothing. Understand that novelty neck ties are not for the traditional occasion and for some it is a chance to show they do have a wild side.

For most, wearing a novelty tie is an occasional break from their conservative side and some of the ties may not fit into their conservative work attire. However, wearing one every once in a while will not only make them feel a little more spontaneous, it may also show their coworkers that they do have a lighter side.

For the most part a novelty tie may sit abandoned in a closet until the owner feels the time is right to break out a little spontaneity and wrap one around their neck. For example, a novelty tie adorned with medical logos might be pulled out if it is being worn to a meeting about safety in the workplace. Another example would be a tie covered in pictures of hot dogs and hamburgers being worn while cooking on the barbecue grill for a work-related celebration.

Overall, there is no end to the possibilities in the color and design of novelty ties and where they can be worn is up to the individual and how much they dare to flaunt their personality. Being able to tie on novelty neckwear does not necessarily require an outgoing personality but it helps.

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