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Tiecoon.com, INC. to Dissolve in California December 31, 2011. Tiecoon.com, PeopleSunglasses.com, Other Web Stores Will Continue Operation Under TCDC Corporation

Henderson, NV – December 27, 2011 – In scheduled and announced move by Tiecoon.com, INC, it will cease operation as a California corporation at midnight on December 31, 2011. TCDC Corporation, a Nevada entity, will take control of assets and operation of all businesses that Tiecoon.com, INC currently controls.

Operation of all businesses that Tiecoon.com, INC controls, including a large online men discount tie retailer, will be uninterrupted and have seamless transition. Customers should notice minimal difference, with no hang ups in customer service or delivery times of their neckties, t-shirts, or sunglasses.

Revocable and assignable license for the domain names, trade names, and brand names including Tiecoon.com, PeopleSunglasses.com, Jon vanDyk, People Sunglasses, and others will transfer at midnight on December 31, 2011 to TCDC Corporation, a Nevada Corporation.

TCDC Corporation will begin operating a family of businesses, the largest of which being Tiecoon.com, an online tie company that specializes in high quality neckties at sale, discount, wholesale, and cheap ties prices. The other businesses that TCDC Corporation will be operating are web startup PeopleSunglasses.com, a national brand label Jon vanDyk and website, and an online T-Shirt company.

“This move has been excellent for us. The state of Nevada, our employees, and local businesses that provide services and support for us have made the transition seamless and an opportunity for even more growth for our neckwear and other businesses,” says the President of TCDC Corporation. “We have been experiencing unbelievable growth, and expect to quadruple our necktie business again by the end of 2012. Go Blue Ties!”