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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:BR> Tiecoon.com Giving Away Free Neckties, Announces New Marketing Scheme BR> Las Vegas NV, – September 30, 2012 – Tiecoon.com, one of the largest necktie manufacturers in the USA, announces the final rollout of a new marketing plan. Tiecoon.com will offer a free necktie to anyone in exchange for signing up for the email newsletter. That's right, free quality ties, and no catch.BR> The technical team at Tiecoon.com and Neck-Wear.net has toiled throughout the summer programming and beta testing the email collection and marketing program. The software is now up and running, and the sale ties are being sold left and right.BR> The beta phase of testing has been successfully completed also, and the neckwear giant is ready to continue forward in full force with the marketing strategy. Customers have been pleased, and the email list is growing substantially. BR> "We have been very happy with the initial results," says the president of Tiecoon.com. "We are going to leave it in place to continue the results, get more of our excellent ties in people's hands, and help spread the word on how good our men's tie quality is." BR> Contact:BR> http://www.tiecoon.com