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Tiecoon.com Rolling Out the Silk Carpet

San Diego, California – December 3, 2010 – Tiecoon.com is set to begin stocking men’s woven silk ties. The online retailer, which is currently the largest importer of neckwear for men, has had the ties in stock in the past and they were popular enough that the company decided to make them available once again to consumers.

“Silk ties add a certain elegance that you just can’t get when you use other materials like cotton or wool,” says the president and founder of Tiecoon.com. “Using imitation silk would be cheaper, of course, but we’re looking to give our customers quality over quantity. Artificial silk may look the same at first glance but, unlike the real thing, it tends to show its age. The older the fake stuff is, the more it loses its luster and smoothness. Our silken ties are woven with the greatest care as well as the best fabrics that we can find, which just means that the longer you own one of our creations, the richer and more beautiful it’ll look. At Tiecoon.com, that’s what WE call quality.”

The ties will be available for no more than ten dollars each, and they will come in a large variety of colors (including fuchsia and silver) and styles (including neckties and extra long formal ties). Long time consumers of Tiecoon.com will be happy to learn that the company’s extra thick Jon vanDyk silk ties are among the many designs that will be making a comeback when the site once again rolls out the silk carpet.

Those who are new to Tiecoon.com will soon find that, unlike many online retailers, Tiecoon.com’s pattern choice is virtually unlimited.  One of the main characteristics of Tiecoon.com that has made it so popular over the years is the fact that an order can be designed according to the wishes of the individual customer. That means that no one ever has to settle for what’s ‘in stock’, especially if they have something better in mind. When you combine that with the fact that Tiecoon.com has a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed policy, then it’s really no wonder that most men prefer to use Tiecoon.com for their neckwear needs.

Given the diversity of choices on the market today, you would think that men could have their pick of any sort of tie they could possibly want. The problem with men’s fashion is that it’s hard to find quality ties that are affordable, practical, and attractive. Silk ties in particular can cost as much as 50 dollars or more each. When you consider what those sorts of prices mean for occasions where ties are bought in bulk (for example, weddings, graduations, birthdays, charity functions, and funerals), then it should be easier to appreciate just how much Tiecoon.com is really offering.   
What it boils down to is whether or not you think you should have to give up taste for affordability. Why not have both?

With Tiecoon.com, men will be able to buy the silk ties that they want in bulk or individually for prices that force other online retailers to put their money where their mouths are.
Silk ties provide a level of sophistication that men can’t find anywhere else. They provide smooth lines, a clean sheen, and vibrant colors, which makes them an obvious choice as one of Tiecoon.com’s latest initiatives.