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Here is our press release about our growth recently. Take a peek ; )


“Recession is Over” Says San Diego Necktie Internet Retailer

San Diego, California – June 24, 2011 – Along with the rest of America, Tiecoon.com weathered hard economic times over the past 3 years. An exponentially growing dot-com company, Tiecoon.com is proud to say that now is the time to start realizing the benefits of hard work.

Tiecoon.com finished June with two rounds of new hires to the company that specialize in sale neckties. With a close-knit view of economic variables such as shipping, imports, and manufacturing, it is easy to say that recovery is well on its way.

We have hired a tech team, an operations supervisor, and are looking forward to more employment opportunities by the end of the year. We are anticipating a growth of operations positions, another addition to our web tech team, and a myriad of assistant positions. Business is booming. We need more people to handle the ties.

With many questioning a rebounding economy, watching the shipping line imports and exports is a real telltale of the status of economic conditions. Cargo container ships are fully booked, and cargo prices are holding at strong, yet fair prices. Also, suppliers have fully booked schedules and prices of goods have been rising.

After a tumultuous few years, the economy is back. The ripple effects will still take years to flatten out; such as unstable businesses that have succumbed to the hard times, and the unfortunate employees that lost their jobs. Foreclosed homes and financial woes will take time to finish their cycles.

Tiecoon.com started in 2005 as a door-to-door necktie sales business, and today is one of the largest wholesale necktie manufacturers and distributors in the USA. Tiecoon.com has honed its skills of vertical integration in the manufacturing process to produce superior quality neckties for the price of clearance ties or closeout ties.