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Tiecoon.com Migrates California Necktie Operations to Nevada, Follows Suit with Amazon.com, Zappos.com

San Diego, California – October 11, 2011 – While continuing to operate and expand under the current legislative environment in California, Tiecoon.com reports plans to move all facilities, employees, and future jobs from California to Nevada.

Earlier this summer, Tiecoon.com announced the creation of new California jobs, and forecast to create more by year-end. Currently, all California positions have been put on hold as Tiecoon.com discloses that all future positions will be created in Nevada.

The burgeoning necktie company Tiecoon.com, which sells very high quality ties at cheap and sale tie prices, recently expanded into larger offices and warehouse space. Tiecoon.com reports that all of its operations will be based in Las Vegas, Nevada by the end of 2011.

This move will have a positive benefit to consumers purchasing men’s ties as well as Tiecoon.com by increasing the website’s competitiveness by almost 10% from the beneficial Nevada business environment.
Recent changes brought about by Jerry Brown, the legislature, and California voters have raised some increasingly difficult challenges for California jobs and businesses. It may appear that Jerry Brown has even higher California income taxes on the horizon. Current California legislature and business regulations have made operating a business in California more challenging than ever. During her bid for the governor’s office, Meg Whitman had said that if she had to open eBay again, she would open it in Texas, not California.

“As forecasted, our rapid expansion raised a need for more employees, warehouse space, office space, and resources, and what better time to make the move to a wonderful and welcoming business climate. It is sad because I love California,” says the president of Tiecoon.com Inc. “It is unfortunate that businesses are being forced to shoulder the burden of many legislative missteps. Regardless, we maintain an incredibly positive outlook for the future of our company.”