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Las Vegas Welcomes Internet Necktie Retailer to the Valley with Open Arms

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 18, 2011 – Tiecoon.com, an online necktie retailer and men’s tie wholesaler, has moved its base of operation from San Diego, California to Las Vegas, NV. This new resident to the Las Vegas valley has received a warm welcome from all. 

With expansion plans and creation of new jobs announced earlier this summer, Tiecoon.com recently reported that all jobs would be shifted to Nevada, and all future job creation will happen there. Tiecoon.com’s men’s neckwear operations have modestly brought about a dozen jobs to Las Vegas, with forecast of about 10 times that by the end of 2012.

The chamber of commerce, business support organizations, attorneys, banks, the state of Nevada, municipalities, and the people that make them happen have all been willing to provide support at every turn for Tiecoon.

“We’re selling a lot of ties, and we plan to sell a whole lot more. We sell top quality silk ties for men below sale ties prices; people have caught on and love it. We needed more space, employees, and offices. We have been welcomed by a great business climate, ready and able workforce, and a hospitable, can-do attitude by everyone in Nevada,” says the President of Tiecoon.com. “Thank you all and we look forward to a great relationship.”