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Tiecoon.com - Formal Ties

For every professional, tiecoon.com has a beautiful $6 tie.

Professional Ties: Denoting Your Career Goals and Achievements

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When you wear professional ties, you are telling the world of your passions and your accomplishments.

Professional men’s ties are special ties that, in one form or another, denote the career or profession of the wearer. It can be a literal representation of the wearer’s profession (a gavel to represent a judge) or a special symbol that has been created specifically for the profession (a scale to represent a lawyer). Whatever the profession, there is a special professional tie to celebrate the accomplishment.

Professional ties have been around for decades, ever since men’s neckwear became a regular part men’s business attire. In an effort to promote their skills or their profession, many men began wearing neckwear that carried insignias or designs that made that skill or profession known. One of the first groups to incorporate their professional symbol into neckwear was the Masons, one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world. Originally created as a group for bricklayers and workers, the Masons evolved into a professional group that incorporates members from all walks of life. Their symbol consisting of a compass and a t-square is known the world over. Not only is the symbol worn as a lapel pin, but it is embroidered on ties as well.

Other professional men’s neckties that involve symbolism include ties used to represent the legal and medical profession. Because of the The best ties for professionals always only $6.95 at tiecoon.com!intensive work that is involved in both professions (years of study plus years of entry level work), members of these professions feel a kinship that may not be found with other professions. Professional ties for the legal profession my include symbols such as scales (representing the scales of justice), blind justice (the blindfolded woman often shown holding the scales of justice) or a gavel (usually a symbol worn by a judge).

With the medical profession, the famous symbol of the caduceus is most often seen. You may better know the caduceus as the winged staff with two intertwined snakes. This symbol is quite popular on professional ties worn by members of the medical profession, as are other medical-related symbols such as stethoscopes or sometimes the cross as in the symbol for the international medical organization the Red Cross.

Not all professional ties are adorned with symbols that are unique to that particular profession. There are members of a vast array of occupations whose profession uses their own particular unique symbol. It may be a specially designed logo, a piece of equipment that is unique to their profession or some other unique image. No matter what the profession, there can be a special men’s tie to mark the accomplishment.

While many professional ties are common enough to be readily available, many ties can be specially made for a particular group. For instance, while there may be professional ties for the medical profession, there can be a special tie created for Chicago doctors in the medical profession. The technology exists to take a symbol and quickly make an embroidered design on a special tie.

Professional ties are symbols of accomplishment and achievement and are a popular way to demonstrate ones commitment to their chosen profession.

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