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Tiecoon.com - Regular Ties

Tiecoon is an expert in $5 regular ties

A Regular Tie Always Comes In Handy

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In every man’s wardrobe there has to be a few regular ties. These are ties that are suitable for any occasion. And while this may sound like a simple project, the vast array of tie colors and styles can make it a difficult decision.

Having a regular tie, or several regular ties, in your wardrobe will mean that you are prepared for any situation that calls for a more formal and business-like appearance than jeans and a t-shirt. Having regular mens ties at your disposal means that you are prepared for a quick businesses meeting, a last-minute school function, a sudden job interview or a dinner part to meet the parents.

Regular ties don’t have to be the most expensive ties in your wardrobe. In fact, it’s probably better than your regular mens ties are simple, relatively inexpensive neckwear that can be stored away or even kept in a car or office for those unexpected occasions. They should, in short, be durable but suitable for all occasions.

Something simple with tiecoon.com's regular tiesA regular tie can be of any design, style or pattern, of course, but the best regular tie might be one that is of one solid color or a simple pattern where the design does not have too much contrast. The reason for this is that a regular tie should generally be able to match whatever shirt you may happen to be wearing. Solid, neutral colors are probably best for this, since many of them go with a number of shirt and suit colors. For instance, while a black regular tie may be a boring fashion choice, it will go with just about any suit or shirt and can be dress up a look in a pinch. Likewise, a striped tie can be a suitable regular tie if the pattern includes a neutral color (such as black or grey) that can match most articles of clothing.

But regular ties don’t necessarily have to be those ties that you can use for any occasion. Your regular ties can be those ties you wear to work on a daily basis, a collection of mens neckwear that have been pre-selected and match well with your regular work wardrobe. Many men have a regular selection of ties that they choose from to wear during the workweek that they can mix and match with their wardrobe. In addition, when you add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe, having the knowledge of your regular ties can allow you to select clothing at the store without the need to match them up physically.

Despite being a routine part of your wardrobe, regular ties need to have the same care and attention as your ties for special occasions – removing the knots at night, hanging them flat, rolling them up when traveling to prevent creases, dry cleaning. Doing so will keep your regular ties as an essential part of your wardrobe.

They may not be the best ties for your special occasions, but regular ties are a valuable part of any man’s neckwear supply.

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