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  • Striped pink, fuchsia, and white ties Striped pink, fuchsia, and white ties

.#J2218 Striped Lavender and White Ties, with Mauve, Thistle & Heliotrope

Striped pink, fuchsia, and white ties

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TIECOON & FORT KNOX TOOL ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. We are liquidating our inventory, and is limited to stock on hand. Discounts will increase as our final clearance sales continue through spring.

Thick men's neck tie with colors of white, pink, red, fuchsia, and with striped/stripes woven necktie design.

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Here we have more Jon vanDyk 100% woven microfiber polyester ties. These are often confused for silk to touch or by eye, but they are much more durable, and much less expensive. A woven poly tie also has much broader care and washing flexibility without dry cleaning.

This necktie is 'regular length' of 59"(148 cm) and the width of the tip is hip and fashionable with a width of 3.5"(9cm). The necktie has a full matching loop on the back as well as the label. Also, the tip lining is tastefully woven with the Jon VanDyk name.

As always, we are committed to bringing you first quality, NAME BRAND sale men's ties at a fraction of retail neckwear.

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  1. David review by David on 9/25/2015

    Are you dyeing these yreosulf, or did you purchase them already dyed?Properly dyed tie-dye clothes have the dye set with the soda ash included in the tie-dye kit. Good brands of tie-dye kits that include soda ash, either to use as a separate pre-soak or already mixed with the dye powder, include Jacquard, Dylon, Rainbow Rock, and Tulip. These kinds of dyes react directly with the fiber in clothing and are permanent without any further steps. Before they are worn, the excess unattached dye in the clothing must be removed by washing thoroughly, once in cold water and then two or three times in very hot water.Unfortunately, many people use Rit dye for tie-dyeing, and find that the dyes runs and bleeds immediately. You cannot set Rit dye in cool water, and you cannot set it, in cotton clothing, with added salt or vinegar. (Vinegar does work for nylon or wool, but only if you boil the fabric in the Rit dye and vinegar.) The only way to set Rit dye in cotton, after washing out the dye until the water is clear, is to use a commercial dye fixative called Retayne, which will effectively glue the Rit dye in place so that it does not wash out as quickly. Without Retayne, Rit will fade quickly and ruin any other clothing it is washed with.

  2. Lion review by Lion on 9/25/2015

    i like the Simpson Striped X-Long Zipper Tie and the Brown/Tan Stripe matching tie set. These would be for my husband and son, just in case we ever need to dress up.

  3. Gorgeous! review by Leezle on 9/25/2015

    I've been so impressed with all your ties! They are truly beautiful and feel great!

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