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Jon vanDyk Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Extra Long(XL) Ties are always $9.95
Bowties are always $6.95
Narrow Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Boy's/Children's Ties are always $6.95

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Restaurants are one of the biggest fans of durability, ease of cleaning, and of course value. Restaurant ties take the hardest beating of all industries that use neckties.

Restaurants need uniforms and neckties that look great, but more importantly, durable and easy to replace. For your entire restaurant uniform you need material that is heavy duty, yet still gives a professional and classy first opinion to your customers. Our ties are 100% woven polyester, meaning that the shell is thick and beautiful woven fabric. Our materials are thick and tightly woven to prevent snags. The 100% polyester is a blessing for your restaurant neckties because that makes them super easy to spot clean or launder. Being in the cheap necktie business for over 5 years and making it our specialty, we here at Tiecoon.com have figured out how to give an amazingly durable quality restaurant neck ties for only $5 or less!

The next important factor for when owners are searching for ties for bars, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants is the price. Staff of these dining establishments are emerged in a fast paced environment with spills of food, liquor and drinks inevitable to happen. This can really do in a tie at a restaurant. That's why our restaurant neckties are only $5. This makes a excellent value and easy to replaced when spoiled.

Our styles of mens restaurant neck ties are usually gone when they are sold out, so we recommend buying or reserving a style as soon as possible when we have it in stock. If you need to reorder the same style or have continuity in your ordering, we are able to arrange that also. Need us to duplicate a style you are already using of have an idea for a custom tie for your restaurant? No problem. We specialize in custom restaurant ties.

We stock thousands of styles of ties for your restaurant. We invite you to invite you or your managers to visit the rest of our site and see our restaurant ties for yourself. You can click here to shop by color, or by pattern by clicking here. Our neckties are sorted like this to make it easy to use our site. At Tiecoon.com we Tiecoon's neck ties for your bar, cafe, restaurant or dinerhave very detailed and precise photos of out restaurant ties. We have multiple restaurants that we supply neckties to, and they are always pleased with our value and quality of their neckties. You can rest assured that the colors will arrive to you liking, and if you need any help with your purchase, just email us at support@tiecoon.com.

And we always, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all unused neckties returned within 30 days!

If it is formal ties, custom ties, hotel ties, or wholesale ties you need, we specialize in that also!

Have fun searching !