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Bowties are always $6.95
Narrow Men's Ties are always $6.95 - Boy's/Children's Ties are always $6.95

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‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ More Than Just A Phrase With Our Company

Whatever the reason we stand behind our pledge of “satisfaction guaranteed”. If for any reason a customer of ours is not 100% satisfied, we allow them to return or exchange their purchase (within 30 days). We will, no questions asked. Simply return the new, unused item to us within 30 days to enjoy our 100% satisfaction guaranteed pledge. We will refund 100% of your purchase price, less all shipping charges.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AS OF 7/1/2011 All wedding ties or any product purchased for a wedding that is returned will be subject to a 25% restocking fee for unused merchandise. We only accept new, unused items for return. We determine wedding tie orders by 4,5,6,8,9,11,9+2 orders of similar ties, sample packages of similar ties, and multiple similar colors being sent to the same name or address and being returned once or multiple times. Also note that we do not refund shipping charges.

Many companies promise “satisfaction guaranteed” when a customer uses their services, but as many of those customers know, the real question is whose satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buying products online or even at a store can sometimes be a risky proposition. Depending on the retailer, the experience can be a dream or a nightmare. For some companies, service is the most important aspect of their business. For others, profit is the main motivation. This emphasis is what determines whether the promise of satisfaction guaranteed is truly to be believed.

With a reliable company, customers can be assured that the company will do whatever is necessary to make sure the customer is satisfied. Whether it’s making sure the neckties they desire is in stock, in the right tie color, the right size or the right make and model, a reliable company will work with the customer to assure that the product meets the customer’s requirements.

If the ties do not meet the customer’s specifications, for whatever reason, a reliable company that promises “satisfaction guaranteed” will allow the customer to return the ties for another that meets their specifications or return the product for a full refund. Insuring such customer satisfaction guaranteed not only help build your company’s reputation as a reliable business that places the needs of the customer first, but helps make it likely that customers will return to your business again and again.

In our business, we provide high quality neck wear, wholesale neckwear, fashion neckware and funky neckwear to customers all over the world. Our huge selection means that you can find almost any kind of fashion neckwear to compliment your wardrobe. Whether it’s business neckwear, fashion neckwear, black tie neckwear, bar mitzvah neck wear or bow ties, you can find it here.

But we realize that there may be those customers who are not pleased with their purchase for whatever reason. Perhaps the color is not what they expected, or the design doesn’t match their suit the way they anticipated it would. Or maybe they’ve changed their mind and want a different style of tie.

Compare our pledge to the “guarantees” offered by other companies. Many of them say they offer “satisfaction guaranteed” but the only satisfaction they seem to guarantee seems to be their own. Many times they have hard-to-find or hidden details on how to obtain a refund or how to return items. And once you do return an item, they make you jump through hoops to explain to them why you are returning it. Most demand that the product have some sort of manufactures defect to allow you to return it and even then they make you prove that the defect isn’t something that you caused. The only “guarantee” is a headache from enduring their complicated return process.

Our company makes it simple: if you aren’t pleased, return it with no questions asked. That’s is true “satisfaction guaranteed” and we work hard to make that phrase true.