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The Classic Silk Tie - A Look That Will Never Go Out of Style

The necktie has, for centuries, been a popular adornment for men's attire. Hundreds of years later, the tie is still an incredibly popular accessory. The silk necktie has an interesting history as it actually came out of war. In the late 1600s, the Croatians were fighting a war against the French. Croatian soldiers commonly wore silk handkerchiefs around their necks and when they arrived in France, the always fashion forward King Louis XIV took note and started a trend. He was particularly enamored by their being made of delicate silk, and he stared a legacy that has yet to be broken.

Thankfully, as the silk necktie's history based in war continues to fade from memory, neckties are now associated with style and class. While long considered a "European thing", the silk tie has taken America by storm and can now be seen far and wide.

Silk ties have become the standard for appropriate business wear and the item to add to an outfit for a formal event. Whether just another day at the office, an interview for that job you'd really love to have, or a night out on the town, silk neckties are a natural choice.

The silk necktie is a true classic that will never go out of style, and is a must-have for any man's tie wardrobe. Silk ties are the epitome of class and style. The quality and craftsmanship are unmistakable. Silk ties symbolize class, an eye for style, and social status. Who wouldn't want to convey such a look?

Silk neckwear is now widely available in a range of quality and price to fit almost any budget. While the more you pay, the higher quality tie you should generally expect to get, there are many affordable, and well made silk neck ties on the marketplace. From classic to hip and modern, you shouldn't have a problem finding a silk necktie that matches your personality and the size of your wallet.

You can also get a silk necktie in almost any color, width, length, and print, so you can now use the classic as a unique way to express yourself. Show your classy and fun side with a patterned silk tie paired with a classic plain suit. Want to add a bit of color to your life? Add it will pizazz and pair a brightly colored silk necktie with a solid colored, structured, well-fitted suit, for an instant classic with a trendy, funky twist.

When cared for appropriately, silk ties will stand the test of time. They are well made from the finest materials to provide a polished look that lasts. Silk neckties, particularly those of the highest quality are an investment and need to be cared for. It is best to avoid staining the ties as silk is a delicate material that does not hold up well to repeated cleanings. You also want to make sure that you always untie and hang up your silk ties when done wearing them as the material can crease for an unflattering look.

No matter what the occasion, a silk neck tie is an accessory that will never go out of style. Play around with color and pattern, and express yourself with style and class.