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Skinny ties are back and popular

Skinny Ties: A Smart Fashion Choice

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Skinny ties are back and this time they may show some staying power.

Unlike their counterparts in the 1980s that sprang from the “New Wave” music era, the skinny ties of today are sharp, sophisticated, understated and elegant. These traits are what may make it possible for the skinny neckwear of today to remain a fashion staple.

The understated look of the skinny men’s ties of today is in sharp contrast to the last incarnation of the skinny tie, the 1980s, when the look of skinny ties was meant to tweak the stuffy look of Wall Street businessmen who all dressed in power suits with bright red narrow tie.

The skinny ties of the ‘80s could be gold metallic material, leopard or tiger print, bright pastel colors, contain patterns such as piano keyboards or guitar strings. These wild designs made them great for ‘80s new wave musicians who wanted to make a statement on stage. Trouble was, that look didn’t carry over to the boardroom as well, which made the skinny men’s neckwear of the ‘80s a one-dimensional fashion accessory and thereby shortened its shelf life

Not so with the skinny men’s ties of today. You’ll be hard pressed to find a hot pink or electric blue or lime green skinny tie today. No, the skinny neckwear we see today is more subdued. Think charcoal or black tie paired with a charcoal or grey tailored. The look is one that can go from a night on the town to a day in the office and still be appropriate in either situation.

There are many celebrities who are shown walking the red carpet with the new slimmer suits and the skinny tie that goes along with them. Movie and recording star Justin Timberlake, for instance, routinely makes the best dressed list with his trim suits and skinny men’s neckwear. And since stars like Timberlake are the fashion trendsetters of our day, skinny ties are back in vogue.

The skinny tie look of today, business-like and subdued actually harkens back to the 1950s when the “Justin Timberlake” of his day, Frank Sinatra, led the Rat Pack with a swinging look that included skinny ties. Sinatra, along with cohorts Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford, set the fashion trend for millions of men around the world and make skinny ties part of a lot of fashion wardrobes.

Prior to Sinatra, skinny neckties were sometimes part of the wardrobe of another group of musicians, jazz performers. While the ties worn in the mainstream in the 1940s were generally between three and three-and-a-quarter inches in width, musicians once again played trendsetter and went against the prevailing fashion winds to begin wearing skinny ties to set themselves apart.

Skinny mens ties, therefore, have a history and style behind them that makes them a smart and stylish fashion choice for those looking to give them wardrobe a twist. With today’s skinny men’s ties, you can combine the sophistication of yesterday with the individualism of today.

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