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Tiecoon.com - Skull Ties

Skull ties for those bad work days from tiecoon.com!Skull Ties Compliment Your Living on the Edge Style

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We expect our new skull ties to be in stock about December 1, 2010.

Know someone who lives on the edge? A skull necktie may be just the thing to turn their formal wear into abnormal wear.

Edgy, exciting, offbeat and a little bit dangerous. That’s what a skull tie brings to the party when paired with either a casual suit or even formal wear. The wearer of a men’s skull tie tells the world that they’re a little bit different and not afraid to let the world know it. Whether the skull tie is part of an entire wardrobe that creates a unique look or a subtle bit of excitement to an otherwise sedate suit, wearing this unique accessory is definitely a statement.

Novelty ties have been around for decades. Created as a way to break up the monotony of wearing business ties five days a week, novelty ties let the wearer have a little fun with the concept of formal wear and business wear. But while skull mens neckwear may certainly fall under the category of novelty ties, some of the designs are subtle and tasteful (if that’s the word) enough to be word with a business suit and only reveal themselves upon closer inspection.

Many of the skull ties created feature small skull designs that are undistinguishable when viewed from an average distance. They may be small repeating patterns that are angled in such a way that they appear to be a basic diagonal pattern or stripes. This arrangement makes them acceptable for office situations or even a formal occasion.

The skull tie designs may be a simple skull or the classic skull and crossbones pattern associated with pirate flags. Whatever the design, you can choose from a pattern and color combination that adds a one-of-a-kind touch to anything you wear.

Other skull ties are a bit bolder. The skull design may be larger and more distinctive, with the skull prominently placed. This design may not make the tie suitable for the office (unless you own the office) but it will give a kick to your funky night-on-the-town wardrobe. The edgy designs can add a bit of flair to clubwear and create a unique look with or without a jacket.

Those who live the rock and roll lifestyle, either as a passionate fan or an actual musician, may be the biggest fans of skull ties and the “bad boy” image it can create. While a tie may not seem to be part of the rocker wardrobe, today’s rockers have been taking to wearing suits and ties as a contrast to their more flamboyant wardrobe. And a skull tie lets them cultivate this new look while remaining true to their hardcore roots.

Despite the novelty aspect, skull ties can be made of the finest material and boast expert craftsmanship just like the higher end executive and power ties. They require the same care as your regular business ties, that is, proper storage and cleaning. And with a variety of colors and patterns, you can have skull ties for every occasion and every suit in your wardrobe.