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Waiter Ties must Stand up to Abuse

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Being a waiter in a full-service restaurant has its opportunities and being required to wear a tie is one of them. Finding waiter ties that can survive the rigors of daily abuse and are also easy to maintain is a challenge to both men and women in the industry. For most waiters, silk ties are simply out of the question as this material tends to snag easily on tables, chairs and other objects in which they come into contact on a daily basis.

Most waiter ties are made of woven polyester making them durable and easy to clean. However, they still have to give off the right perception as being fashionable and fit into the uniform worn by the waiters. Tightly woven fabric can prevent snags and be easy to keep clean, often by simply wiping off any stains with a damp cloth.

In addition to being durable and easy to clean, some manufacturers of waiter ties sew in a button hole on the back of the tie with which the waiter can button the tie to their shirt, keeping it in place while doing their job. No waiter, or customer for that matter, wants to see the waiter’s tie dip into a bowl of soup or get plopped into other places on the customer’s plate. Most waiter ties made from woven polyester are stiffer than silk ties and will stay in position easier with the button down ties offering even further protection against accidents.

Manufacturers willing to work with businesses can design waiter ties to meet the company’s needs, such as screen printing the company’s logo or message of choice on the tie. Companies that provide neckwear to their waiters have to know the ties are going to stand up to the abuse of the position while still maintaining their appearance. After all, a waiter tie that frays easily or can not be cleaned easy may give customers the appearance of the waiter and subsequently the restaurant, are not the cleanest in town.

Many manufacturers will offer businesses the option of visiting their plants to see how the waiter ties are made and give them directions on the proper care and cleaning of the ties. They may also work with the business when replacements are needed to make sure they arrive in a timely manner. Typically there will be a set-up charge when an order for waiter ties is first placed, but the same set up can be used on subsequent orders, making follow up purchases less costly than the initial order.

Another issue for many businesses is the exclusive use of a design. If the business has its own design for ties, they will be the only ones for which the manufacturer makes the ties. However, if they choose a style and design produced by the manufacturer they may be charged extra to guarantee exclusive use of the tie design. Having their waiters and staff appear professional in the workplace makes providing waiter ties to the staff a part of doing business with many companies happy to pay that expense.

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