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Wholesale Neckties

At Tiecoon.com, all woven Jon vanDyk ties are always $5Extra long ties are always $8Our woven silk ties are always $10. Click those links to view them!

Here at Tiecoon.com we are a direct importer, closeout buyer, and wholesaler. Our business was started in custom, closeout, and wholesale neckties. We still specialize in supporting our wholesale client base, and are always ready to consider needs of new clients. The easiest way to customize an order for wholesale ties or custom ties is to email us at support@tiecoon.com

Below are a few odd lots of wholesale ties we also offer.
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Tiecoon.com is a fashion necktie provider for school ties, restaurants, hotel uniforms, churches, missionaries, weddings, waiters, bartenders, or barmitzvahs. Whether you need a crazy tie, hot tie, cool tie or even a wild or ugly tie, Tiecoon has been helping trump the neckwear industry since 2005.

Our selection of all men's formal ties, bowties, fleur de lis ties, and silk ties takes the cake in all categories of best, sale, clearance, cheap...good great and awesome. From black ties to blue boy's ties, we are here to help.

As for novelty ties it is not our specialty, but we do offer (and are offering more than just regular ties as time goes on) inexpensive ties with dogs, boats, skulls, music, dragons, fraternities, and graduations. We have a huge selection of power narrow ties and professional skinny ties with more coming!

Just remember budget, bargain, and discount tie shoppers: Tiecoon.com has a nice 100% guarantee for every tie we sell. Buy with confidence, we'll take care of the rest. = )

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