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Wild Ties Can Bring A Whole New Dimension To Your Wardrobe

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Sometimes, breaking out of the mold is a good thing. Taking chances is often the only way to make your mark on the world. Which makes wearing a wild tie a risky but often rewarding fashion choice.

You’ve no doubt see many neckwear items that you would consider wild neckties. Whether it’s an unusual design, unusual shape, unusual material or unusual style, wild ties make a statement even when you’re not wearing it. In fact, you can probably recall a few wild ties you’ve seen in the past right now. That’s how strong an impact wild ties can make.

So what are wild ties? Well, that depends on the type of person you are. A wild necktie to one person might be just another group of ties to someone else. For instance, a bolo tie might fall under the category of “wild ties” to one person, but to a Texan? Well, it’s just something he wears when he wants to look formal. Or to some, bow ties might be considered wild ties, but to a college professor…?

It’s all about personal style, which is how the subject of wild ties should be approached. Find the type of wild ties that fits your personality and your wardrobe and prepare to make a statement.

There are a number of types of wild ties to choose from. Some are considered “wild” because of their color or pattern. There are ties in every color of the rainbow, but some colors are considered more wild that others. For instance shiny gold or silver ties (rather than a subdued gold or silver hued tie) might be considered wild ties to some, no matter what shirt or suit they’re worn with. Or ties in a more vibrant color than normal – say a lime green or electric purple – might be looked as wild ties. But depending on how those ties are matched up with the right suit and shirt, it may just create a new look that works.

Then there are patterns that set wild ties apart from the rest. It may involve geometric shapes, an abstract design, unusual pictures or screen printed photos. Island scenes, city skylines or the ever-popular fish motif are all popular images on wild ties. In past years, wild neckwear has featured bright floral designs featuring poinsettias and lotuses, while others have been designed to look sedate on the surface, but when flipped up from the bottom, contained a picture of a burlesque dancer on the underside. Both of these types of wild ties are now considered vintage collectors items and bring a high price at auctions.

Wild ties may also be “wild” due to the material from which they made. Wild ties have been made from every material under the sun, from leather to plastic to rubber, to knitted wool to even paper (which, of course, is usually worn only once). There have been wild ties that contain solar panels that store electricity and can charged your iPod and wild ties that are clear vinyl and contain a live goldfish (don’t tell PETA).

And finally, wild ties may be an unusual shape or design. As previously mentioned, a bolo tie (a tie consisting of a cord, usually with metal tips at either end, and held together with a metal clash that is adjusted to sit at the bottom of the neck) may fall under the category of “wild neckties”, particularly to people in the north, but in the southwest, it’s a common sight. Or wild ties might include a western bowtie, the kind worn by Col. Sanders of KFC fame, that is actually making a fashion comeback. And there are ascots and cravats that are considered wild ties to many people.

Whichever one of the wild ties you choose, you can be sure to set yourself apart from the crowd. If you’re the risky sort or long to march to the beat of your own (fashion) drum, considering adding wild ties to you wardrobe.